"Don't make me think." Websites should be easy to use.

As a rule, people don't like to think about how to do things. Studies show that the average length of stay on a web page is 25 seconds. So there is a very limited time a website has to engage the "reader."

Often it's the structure of the website that becomes too cumbersome for the visitor to handle. So the visitor turns to the most used button on the Internet -- the "back" button.

Our goal in website design is to create sites where every page is self-evident. At first sight of the page, we want the average user to know what is going on and how to use it. WebbGraphics creates a system of navigation that seamlessly leads through the site and brings you back without thinking.

Of course, you want your website to be found in the first place. WebbGraphics employes Search Engine Optimizaton (SEO) to give your website the best opportunity to rank high on the search engine priority list.

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